©2005 85 GRAVE LLC

Written & Directed by Bobby Blood

The Viper is a reclusive hermit in Death Valley, California who has been perfecting a gruesome but effective recipe for crystal meth for 5 years to feed the voracious appetite of the west coast drug trade. The Mongoose is a strong armed drug pusher out of Bakersfield, California whos stronghold on the drug market is a result of fear tactics and intimidation amongst competition and customers. As territories begin to cross, The Mongoose sends his right hand man Oil Dale to Death Valley to threaten The Viper about distributing his product in the territory ruled by The Mongoose. When Oil Dale returns as a traitor, The Mongoose decides to travel to Death Valley and put an end to the rivalry himself. The Viper meanwhile reveals his gruesome technique and ingredients in his special meth recipe as he teaches his nephew Roach the family business. The plot takes a turn when it is revealed that The Viper has created a fresh batch of crystal meth using Serotonin and Dopamine from a cannibal murderer who had escaped the Death Valley Sanitarium the night before. As the drugs are distributed, users are transformed into flesh starved ghouls. The final showdown ends with blood and gore, and an entire Southern California city facing impending doom as the contaminated drugs are set to be distributed to the towns dope fiends.


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